Piotr Bezcala and Martin Katz • Carnegie Hall • February 28 2018

Such a charming performer, completely at ease and in full mastery of his glorious instrument, yet humble and generous. I did not know any of the repertoire he sang but it made me realize why going to concerts is such a special and important thing to do. It’s not, as is often said, to be “cultured” or to ”educate” yourself” etc. Those are all clichés. No. A concert (or any kind of performance or art exhibit), is a chance to spend a couple of hours paying complete attention to something other and bigger than you. As Simone Weil wrote, “Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.” It’s also one of the key things that give our life meaning. And an antidote to the senselessness and inanities that surround us. And with someone of Bezcala’s caliber, it’s easy to pay attention. That is his gift to us.