Hello and welcome. Thank you for your interest in the Ease ‘n Guard method.

My base rate is $250 for a one-on-one, two-hour long session for singers and public speakers. Group rates and introductory rates for a first session are available.

Don’t be afraid of the two-hour mark – I would never ask a singer to sing out for two hours. My coaching involves a lot of isolated working on posture, gesture and interpretation during which you can be on vocal rest.

Please note that additional costs such as studio rental and musical accompanist fees apply.

Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

Note: I am NOT a vocal coach and do not teach vocal technique (although, being a singer myself, I do have an understanding of the instrument.) My work with singers is based on developing their stagecraft and helping them hone their stage presence for the concert stage.

I live and work in New York City. Have tools (but no car), will travel.

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