The music is the water that carries you. The lyrics are the movements you make to swim in it.

Performing at Café Sabarsky, NYC, ca. 2005

Performing at Café Sabarsky, NYC, ca. 2005

Having devoted the past 20 years of my life to performing, I am now eager and more than ready to pass on what I have learned along the way.

Singing, at least singing in front of a live audience, is performing, and performing, like singing, is a craft. It does not come naturally. In my work as a performance coach, I focus on helping singers shape their stage presence, giving them the tools they need to create a physical expressiveness that is on the same artistic level as their singing.

If you work with me, I guarantee that you will find a new sense of freedom and joy in your work, build up confidence and, down the road, become a better artist.

For now:  Break a leg, in bocca al lupo, toi toi toi, and of course, merde

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