The Ten Ease ‘n Guard Powerpoints

1.   Trust the music and follow the lyrics. The words tell you what to do and the music tells you how to do it. 

 2.     Less is more. Leave out the obvious and exaggerate the essential. In other words: Don’t add anything. Instead, go deeper into the material and highlight what you have found.

 3.     Trust yourself. Take full charge of each moment, make a specific choice and commit to it all the way. Finish everything you start.

 4.     The stage is your home.  Own it, but be aware of what kind of a stage it is. Always adjust your act to the room and the occasion.

 5.     Know thy stage self.  Are you the singer or the song? Are you showing us the song or are you allowing us to witness it happening to you in real time? Both are viable options, but you have to make a choice for each number: You cannot do both at the same time.

 6.     If it feels perfect, change it. It’s not meant to be perfect, it’s meant to be alive.

 7.     Surprise us – and yourself. Now and then, allow yourself to be spontaneous. Take a chance. Be daring. Play with the audience.

 8.     Be humble. A performance is an offering, a communion between you and your audience. You are not the message, you are the messenger. You are not the emotion. You are the one who brings it to us.

 9.     Never give 100%. Don’t give yourself away, always keep a tiny spark for yourself. That is the spark that will rekindle your fire next time.

 10.  Have fun. Bask in the glory of making music and of sharing it with us.